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Returned Student Network

The IAP Returned Student Network is a collection of recent program participants who are willing to answer your questions and share details about their study abroad experience. If you're curious to know what a study abroad program is like, especially from the perspective of being a student abroad, one of your best resources is connecting with a former participant of a program. Returned students may be able to provide you with tips in navigating the academics, share local insider knowledge, and even help with those pre-departure questions, like what to pack! From Argentina to Wales or accounting to zoology, we hope you're able to connect with a returnee who is just as excited to recount stories and details as much as you are to learn about them.

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Students on this list represent one perspective on the study abroad program and are not expected to be experts on all aspects of the program. Please note that every individual's experience is unique and that programs often change with regard to staff, courses, activities, housing, etc. The views expressed are those of the individuals and do not represent those of IAP or the University of Wisconsin-Madison.